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I have always had a fascination with knives, as far back as my memory can provide. When I reached a time in my life of having disposable income I began to collect knives and really took an interest in folders. I was drawn in by the mechanical meets artistic concept and spent several years buying, selling, trading, and collecting folding knives. As time wore on I wanted more… not more knives, but continued learning and a chance to participate in the industry. In 2014 I met Greg Lightfoot and Rod Olson at a local metal art show… from that point forward my brain began to purge all my thoughts into knife design, and I built up JVO Design into a household name. I collaborated on 77 folding knife designs with some of the most prolific makers in the tactical knife genre.. but still I wanted more. In 2018 I began to make folding knives out of my own shop…the learning curve although extremely steep, has proven to be everything I ever wanted in knives… to make a difference any way I could. I look forward to learning more everyday and have my knives and designs enjoyed by all who love them as much as I do.